another day in LA, free day at the Autry…

Here’s the thing about Leo, he is the happiest when he is busy and entertained.  Sadly, a trip to Trader Joe’s or Target is no longer fun for him; he wants to be able to run freely, touch things, and be around other little people.  Unless he is extremely boogery, grandparents are visiting, etc. we do two “things” a day; one before his nap and one after.  Gym class, music class, pre-pre-school class, swim class,  the zoo, playground, indoor playgrounds, train rides in Griffith Park…Yes, it’s as exhausting as it sounds but it’s worth it to keep Leo tired and happy.

One of the benefits of living in LA is that there is always something to do.  Today was free day at the Autry National Center which is just up the hill from us in Griffith Park, free day is the second Tuesday of every month apparently.  Since I have lived in this neighborhood seven years and never been, I thought we would check it out.


According to their website “The Autry National Center is a history museum dedicated to exploring and sharing the stories, experiences, and perceptions of the diverse peoples of the American West.”  Sounds fascinating. I didn’t get to see any of that because I went with a toddler.  Here’s what I can tell you about the Autry…

They have a small outdoor area in the back with a little waterfall/stream situation, older kids can pan for gold and Leo could run around in circles until he got kicked out of the “General Store” for interrupting a field trip.  They also have a children’s area downstairs that is pretty confusing (I didn’t have a chance to read the signage); there is a little house vignette that kids can play in with a kitchen and living room, and area where they can pretend to package Chinese pottery, a checkers area, and a play Chinese restaurant.  Leo had fun and didn’t break anything.  Then it was off to the courtyard where we were quickly asked to leave for playing with a ball. Whoops!

Overall, probably better for older kids and not toddlers but who cares it’s free.

Here’s a shot of Leo after he was shamed out of the General Store…


(written during naptime)

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